Monday, June 22, 2009

Interview With Desmond Ong, 10K 6 Figure Site Flipper

Desmond Ong is student in Malaysia and the Co Creator of The Buried Site Flipping Code Manifesto. Jani G interviews Desmond in this video.
Desmond tell Jani how he got started with making money online at the age of 14. Starting at such a young age Desmond tried many ways to earn online. He failed at most. Well not failure. He lost money and learned lots. So I guess thats not failure it's more ike learning from your mistakes.
Desmond go's on to tell Jani how he started selling on eBay with small items and moved through writing e books and affiliate marketing.

What I find amazing is the moment Desmond discovered he broke the code for making money online.
He reveals just how he came up with a way to make money fast and what inspired him. Desmond's American idol will surprise you.

Check out the interview here. LINK

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