Friday, June 26, 2009

Site Flip Case Study Video Released

A Case Study from Site Flipping Manifest has been released. I highly recommend watching even if your one of the thousands already following this method of making money online.
The boys did a experiment by taking someone who has never done a site flip in her life. The results are amazing.
This total newbie to website flipping made over $1'400.00 her very first try.
Watch Desmond and Jani's case study video here Link

As the e learning has progressed we have made a group of websites to flip using the free ebook. We hope to bring the results soon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Interview With Desmond Ong, 10K 6 Figure Site Flipper

Desmond Ong is student in Malaysia and the Co Creator of The Buried Site Flipping Code Manifesto. Jani G interviews Desmond in this video.
Desmond tell Jani how he got started with making money online at the age of 14. Starting at such a young age Desmond tried many ways to earn online. He failed at most. Well not failure. He lost money and learned lots. So I guess thats not failure it's more ike learning from your mistakes.
Desmond go's on to tell Jani how he started selling on eBay with small items and moved through writing e books and affiliate marketing.

What I find amazing is the moment Desmond discovered he broke the code for making money online.
He reveals just how he came up with a way to make money fast and what inspired him. Desmond's American idol will surprise you.

Check out the interview here. LINK

Monday, June 15, 2009

Site Flipping Code Manifesto Released Today For Free

Today was the day The Flipping Code Manifesto was released to the public.
I had a chance to read over the entire e book for a little more time than most. If you just downloaded it today then you haven't had a chance to fully absorb all the information it contains.

You see, the way to start is by flipping sites for small profits first and then the more sites you sell for $100- $200, the more experiences you get on how to raise a site’s value and how to make more money from site flipping.

The techniques are so very simple anyone can do this.
If you haven't downloaded Site Flipping Code Manifesto you should do so now. LINK
I honestly can't believe these guys are giving this book away for free. I would charge $97.00 easy.

Remember if you wait until tomorrow you will be one year older.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

15 Year Old Made $2'809.00 Akhil Ramesh Interview

So I'm not sure but I think I could get in trouble for this. I have been given some marketing materials that The Site Flipping Code guys gave me. All these materials are freebies that will be given out leading up to the release of The Flipping Site Code release.

What I was reading tonight is a interview Desmond did with a 15 year old kid. It's amazing this young kid built a website built it up and sold it in 12 days. He then sold the site for $2'809.00. Can you believe that. It's incredible.

But anyway I will give you the interview before you can get it anywhere else when you follow us on Twitter at Site Flipping 101. I do vet all new followers which takes time. It will come ASAP.

Breaking News. The Buried Site Flipping Manifesto Release Date

Just found out that what is going to be released first as part of the launch promotion. The Buried Site Flipping Manifesto' is a Free Report that the boy's will be giving away starting June 15th, 2009.

Jani was nice enough to send me a copy to read. As I read through this material I can see myself making money with only the free give away's.

The The Buried Site Flipping Manifesto is 35 pages of pure information.

I will have a link for you before Monday so please bookmark us, grab the RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter to be the first to have this look deep into someone who has been doing this for years and making lots of money.

Be one of the first few people to actually get your hands on this marvelous report. better hang on tight, put your reading glasses on, get your cup of coffee (maybe take a sip first) and be prepared to load your brain with some premium site flipping knowledge that might change your life.
Get your copy free here. This book will only be free for a short period of time so better get it now.

Pre Release Information For The Site Flipping Code

We just found out that that Jani G of Twitter Traffic Exposed has developed a revolutionary new product. "The Site Flipping Code". This is a full tilt course on how to take a website,(any website)re-work it and sell it for Thousand of Dollars.

I know Jani G from other products he has developed and I am very excited to have him developed another. This is so exciting I could pop.

About The Site Flipping Code is a content-packed course prepared by Desmond Ong and Jani G:

Desmond Ong is one of the underground internet marketers who is just 18 year old but founded several online businesses to lead to his thousands of dollars of income every month. He currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Jani G is a top affiliate, and an amazing internet marketer who deals with top products about internet marketing. He is very experienced in making money online and is top 3 in the reality show, Top Affiliate Challenge. He currently resides in London, England.

Now, Desmond Ong and Jani G has teamed up to create the biggest site flipping course in the internet marketing history.

I have personally be given information about this product well in advance of the release. I have begun to study what it is all about and can see this will make me, oops I mean everyone.

What the Site Flipping Code is a full tilt web course with tons of Electronic books/PDF's, (I think 8, but could be more)How to Flip Sites videos, personal coaching service and much more. I've had the inside info for two days and I'm still going through it.

I have been flipping websites for 5 years and believe me the Site Flipping Code can teach even me a lesson. I'm starting to feel humbled as I read and go through the course and tools.

In the Site Flipping Code Course they developers will take users by the hand, give them the tools and personally help them make money online flipping web sites.

As I was writing this post I received a email from Jani stating that a early release of some material will happen soon.
As part of a pre release promotion the guy's are going to give away parts of the course free.
Click on the RSS Button on the top right and watch close for pre release freebies. I'm just waiting for Jani to let me know it's OK to tell you about these bonus items.