Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Best Way To Make Money Online Has Opened

Well The Site Flipping Code memberships have sold out. All 200 spots filled up fast.
Don't worry though you can take what you learned and start building websites to flip on your on.
Over the next few week we will be talking about building small niche targeted websites that can earn for years to come.
If you are new to making money online you need to learn about building Niche Site. A niche site is a highly targeted website that fill a space in the search engines.
These types of sites do not require any Pay Per A Click Advertising. They are built on content that people are searching for online.
Hardly anyone builds niche sites like this. Most people slap up a site and do a PPC campaign. That's more like gambling not building a business that will Make Money Online.
Some folks I have worked with for over 4 years have just released Number 1 Way To Make Money Online site that I highly recommend to all webmasters.
This e learning system is so packed with content it will take you a week to finish it. In fact the writers insist you read it twice before implementing any site building.
I have gone through the Best Way To Make Money Online a few times and even after building these niche sites for 4 years I learned some enlightening things. Thought I knew it all like lots of people.

If you would like a preview here is a promotional PDF. Just click here
I am going to build some niche sites to sell in a Site Flip. It's a little diferent than the method the Site Flipping Code guys do.
What I do is build my sites using PHPBay Pro and Build A Niche Store Scripts along with Wordpress and specific plugins.

Make Money Online

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